Stories making headlines across New Zealand at noon include a cow gunned down by the cops in Hawke's Bay, a cat attacked with a nail gun up North, and over on the West Coast mysterious stuff is falling from the sky again.

In Hastings, an angry cow was spotted running around a residential neighbourhood so police surrounded it and opened fire.

Meanwhile near Kaitaia, a cat has been shot seven times in the head with a nail gun.

Over in Hokitika, mysterious objects falling from the sky have the locals baffled.


When they dug up a rusty army ammunition tin in a Far North paddock they found it crammed with $100,000 in cash.

KidsOf88 pop band member Sam McCarthy was the skinny kid at school, but so was David Bowie.

Saphron Greenfield was travelling north to say goodbye to her partner's relatives when the car she was in was hit by a truck.

Northlanders moving over the Tasman with hopes of earning heaps and having a better lifestyle could be in for a shock.

When a 73-lot subdivision on a swampy wasteland at Onerahi failed, neighbours acted decisively to create Dragonfly Springs.

Meanwhile in Hamilton, secrecy surrounds a 6m, stainless steel sculpture.

Hamilton primary school principals are pleading with the council to keep the Municipal Pools open.

Rotorua's Saul Newport is set to rub shoulders with some of the best in the world.

Rotorua motorists are being praised for their patience and caution while traffic lights at one of the city's busiest intersections were out of action.

Rotorua police have serious concerns about the unusual disappearance of Rotorua's Michelle Hoffman-Tamm.

Hobbits, glow-worms and steaming geothermal wonders are joining forces.

More than 300 Rotorua workers have been seriously injured on the job in the past three years.

A new school in one of the poorest parts of New Zealand wants government help to keep gangs outside its gates.

Partying with Prince Charles was apparently 'awesome'.

A man has died after a car crashed into a drain near Hastings early this morning.

A troubled young girl and a 39-year-old mother of two formed a secret relationship that lasted for months before they fled together across the North Island as authorities hunted for them.

Wanganui High School is refusing to consider applications from potential students who lived outside its enrolment zone.

A Featherston family left hot fire ash on the back porch, which ignited and caught the back wall and roof of the home, including a gas bottle which exploded.

A buggy stolen from a Masterton retirement village has been trashed.

Bobby-Joe Kahle says he took steak from Masterton's New World because he was hungry.

Here's some photos from Cup Day at Addington Raceway.

Meanwhile Christchurch is brimming with painters and decorators.

Police have named a 38-year-old Italian man who died in a skydiving accident while filming a tandem jump in Wanaka.

Michael Legge of Fernhill lived in the area where a rogue postie allegedly didn't deliver 20,000 items of mail but says he got the brushoff from NZ Post when he suspected something was amiss.
Oamaru is set to party for the next three days. Meanwhile there could be the odd crash and a bit of blood at Saturday's 18th NZ Heritage Bicycle Champs.

Westport whitebaiters who "hung around to the bitter end" have been rewarded with oodles of the little fish.

Top trending topics on Twitter in NZ at noon were: #5SOSwithSmallzy, #edchatnz, New Zealand, #eclipse, #ttrttpt, #nowplaying, Christmas, Sydney, Auckland and Wellington.