A Tauranga man caught dealing recreational drug Meow Meow has been sentenced to community detention, community work and supervision.

Bryce Thomas Kamizona, 25, had earlier pleaded guilty to possession for supply of the Class C drug methcathinone, offering to supply the drug and offering to supply cannabis.

He was sentenced in the High Court at Rotorua this morning by Justice Kit Toogood.

Kamizona was sentenced to six months' community detention, 18 months' intensive supervision and 300 hours' community work.


Also known as Meow Meow, M Cat and Kitty Cat, methcathinone is a new recreational drug that gives users a similar high to methamphetamine. It is being used as a substitute for MDMA, a key ingredient in ecstasy tablets.

Kamizona was found with 110 pills in his car on May 19, and a forensic analysis confirmed they contained methcathinone, although he told police he thought the tablets were just party pills.

As well as keeping some for personal use, Kamizona told police he was planning to give some of the pills to his friends and then sell the rest.