A home invasion by a patched Mongrel Mob gang member ended in a dramatic arrest in Hawkes Bay suburb yesterday, police say.

Police were called to Camberley, Hastings, by the occupants of a Huia St home about 4.15pm, after a patched gang member allegedly entered their home and made violent threats.

Hastings police Senior Sergeant Luke Shadbolt said the man was not known to the occupants of the address, who quickly called police when he entered their home.

"Police were called to an incident in Huia St, Camberley, where a Mongrel Mob member had gone into a house and threatened the occupants,'' he said.


The man left the scene and police arrived to take statements from the shaken residents.

"Initially there was just one police officer who was taking statements from the people at the house he had left, so they were taking down the details of it, then this character has come back again.''

Mr Shadbolt said back-up was sent and the gang member did his best to resist arrest.

Police officers were seen restraining the man in the back seat of a police car.

"He was located a short time later and resisted his arrest and was subsequently arrested and taken back to the police station, and is now facing charges of burglary and probably a behaviour offence and some sort of assault charges relating to his resistance,'' said Mr Shadbolt.