Auckland's Middlemore Hospital continues to battle Norovirus.

It's confirmed 45 patients and 45 staff have been affected by the gastro bug.

Manager at Middlemore Central, Dorothy McKeen, says children won't be allowed into wards until the alert at the hospital is lifted.

"We strongly recommend that unless it's very compassionate grounds and families have to be together at times like that, we do feel that children will be safer being at home.''


Ms McKeen says luckily for staffing numbers, the 45 staff aren't all from one department.

"It's kind of spread across, so currently we would prefer that they stayed home rather than come to work and try and be a martyr for the cause. They need to look after themselves.''

Meanwhile, Tauranga Hospital had also reported cases of Norovirus, but they're on the decline, with fewer than 20 cases now present.