Stories making headlines across New Zealand at noon include undersized paua supposedly taken for a tangi, dairies selling hard drugs and underwear throwing rock star fans.

When confronted by fisheries officers at a roadblock with 300 undersized paua, the men said they had taken them for tangi.

Meanwhile Dunedin police are visiting corner dairies asking them nicely not to sell hard drugs.

You apparently know you've hit the big time as a performer when girls throw their underwear on stage.


A doctor has resigned amid allegations she had an affair with a mental health patient who is charged with a vicious stabbing attack on a dairy worker.

Social Development Minister Paula Bennett is reportedly unsympathetic to the plight of hunger striker Sam Kuha.

There's been a big rise in sexually transmitted infections in Northland.

After months of work by some grannies, vandals came along and attacked the "three little pigs".
"Dad I need help". The words that every parent dreads came as a text to Greg Bracey at 1.30am.

A Kerikeri man who crashed, allegedly fled and crashed again moments later, has failed to show up at court for the second time.

It's too early to say how a man came to be hit by a car during a brawl in Rotorua.

The deadly Waitomo intersection which has claimed two tourists' lives this year will get a major overhaul.

Liz Smith alleges her sibling deliberately encouraged her pitbull to attack her.

When Alexandria Gemini Ngarimu was asked how she felt towards her victim, she said "I don't even know the guy, how can I feel anything for him?"
Sixty-three forced sales occurred in the Western Bay between April and June, up from 55 for the same period last year.

Daina Shipping Company will pay the Crown and public bodies nearly $28 million for crashing into the Astrolabe Reef.

Trying to get to the Heartland Championship clash with Thames Valley, Ngati Porou East Coast's efforts were thwarted by fog, so they got a bus, which broke down in a gorge on the way home and they ended up hitchhiking home.

If burglars believe a property is alarmed they apparently tend not to commit a burglary there.

It's not a good idea to swear loudly at the police prosecutor while standing in the dock.

Whitebait Roulade is best served cold as a starter.

"Can't" isn't a word in pensioner Philip Broomfield's vocabulary. Meanwhile Wigram Lions Club are looking for new members.

Lincoln residents are becoming increasingly concerned about vandalism.
Changing visitor patterns have cost two staff at Ashburton's i-SITE their jobs. But business is apparently booming in the town.

The 432 people in Middlemarch are excited that hills around the town feature in a scene in a trailer for The Hobbit films.

Meanwhile it appears the St John ambulance service has no record of the existence of Lake Hawea.
Death - people don't want to talk about it but if you are in business apparently you should be.

An idea to rename Greymouth as 'Mawhera' as a symbolic gesture toward racial harmony has apparently been revived.

Top trending topics on Twitter in NZ at noon are the same as the past five days and it still appears to be broken. Meanwhile top trending topics in Australia at noon in NZ were: #TeamJoelGoncalves, #WT20, #nowplaying, #AlanJones, #amazon, #auspol, #melbourne, Australia, Facebook and Harry.