A 16-year-old student is facing charges after he allegedly assaulted two teachers at Kaikoura High School.

Police have referred the boy to Youth Aid, which deals with juvenile offenders, after he allegedly assaulted a male and female teacher last Wednesday.

Neither teacher was seriously injured but Acting Sergeant Julian Lewis of Kaikoura police said the incident was being taken very seriously.

"The matter was investigated extensively and referred through relatively quickly for further action," he told APNZ.


"The school has suspended him and are conducting their own internal inquiry in relation to further action they are going to take in relation to him."

Police would not comment on the nature of the alleged assault.

Kaikoura High School principal Werner van Aswegen said he had no idea what led to the incident.

"The injuries sustained were not serious, but they are still being taken very seriously by the school as it is totally out of the ordinary for us," he said.

"We actually have to deal with something which we normally don't deal with. It is disappointing, to say the least."

Mr van Aswegen said the school had systems and procedures in place to provide for the safety of staff and students in such situations.

Those systems were put in place and students were offered counselling.

The two teachers returned to school on Friday but the student will remain suspended until the board of trustees can convene a disciplinary committee to decide his future.