Six men involved in distributing cannabis and methamphetamine have been sent to jail.

Justice Peter Woodhouse said the drug dealings by the Tribesmen gang members were uncovered by police through phone records and conversations.

They appeared for sentencing in the High Court at Whangarei on Friday having pleaded guilty to drugs and other charges stemming from Operation Abyss from April to September 2009.

It took until midday for lawyers for Wayne Clarke, 31, Kelly Dodd, 34, Nicky Dodd, 36, Trevor McTavish, 43, Mathew Smith and Nelson Williams, 37, to complete their oral submissions.


The six men faced a raft of charges, including conspiracy to supply a precursor substance and to supply methamphetamine, cultivating cannabis, offering to supply cannabis, offering to supply meth and supplying meth, money laundering, possession of equipment, possession of firearms and explosives, and robbery.

Crown prosecutor Bernadette O'Connor said Kelly Dood was the central offender. While he was not involved in the daily growing he directed the cannabis operation through McTavish.

On August 12, 2009, they discussed increasing the number of cannabis plants from 100 to 700 and five days later they decided to visit the site where the drugs were being grown.

Nicky Dodd got methamphetamine from Auckland to onsell in Northland.

Clarke was jailed for three and a half years, Kelly Dodd for five years four months, Nicky Dodd for four years on the drugs charges and three for robbery, McTavish for three years, Smith for four years four months, and Williams for six months.