Cars loaded with heat-sensitive monitors will hit the road soon in a bid to prove to homeowners how much warmth is escaping from their houses.

Right House, a company which provides insulation retrofitting and energy advice, is in the final testing stages of a Heatseeker car with thermal imaging technology.

The car has been a success in Britain. New Zealand's version will be exactly the same, says Right House chief executive Hamish Sisson.

The images show heat escaping through things such as cracks in walls, thin windows, or through the roof of a house. They vary in colour, from blues and blacks where there is no heat escaping, to orange, red and white, where heat is pouring into the environment.


Sisson said it was unlikely to be launched formally until next winter, because it requires temperatures below 8C.

"We'll be using it to identify houses that need underfloor or ceiling insulation and then contacting [the owners] to see if they want to do something about it." There are an estimated one million homes in New Zealand without adequate insulation.