Police overseeing the raid on the Kim Dotcom mansion were aware that the internet tycoon had a serving police officer who had guarded VIPs as part of his security team, according to the man who led the search.

A police sergeant who led fellow special tactics group members in a search for Dotcom was told of the presence of the VIP protection officer just days before the raid in January at Dotcom's Coatesville mansion.

The sergeant, who has interim name suppression to protect his identity, told the High Court at Auckland today such officers were considered among the most trusted of police staff.

The sergeant told the court that VIP protection officers were charged with guarding witnesses and acting as bodyguards to the prime minister and other dignitaries.


The special tactics group was previously known as the New Zealand police anti-terrorist group.

The officer's evidence followed that of Dotcom this morning during which he said he would have co-operated with a police request to serve a search warrant and arrest warrant on him at his home north of Auckland.