Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee says he will consider a call for an insurance tribunal to be set up to deal with earthquake-related claims.

Christchurch City Council called for an insurance advocacy role in a letter to Mr Brownlee this week after being overwhelmed by complaints from its ratepayers.

Today Mr Brownlee acknowledged to a select committee that people in Christchurch were having difficulties getting access to insurance.

"What we observed is that there are many different types of insurance policies operational in Christchurch - in settling red zone properties we've found over 80 different types of policies where there's different settings in those policies on how they should respond in these circumstances."


"It's not a simple thing because you're dealing with so many different types of insurance policies - in the end are also potentially giving people financial advice and that has got its implications and there is a process that insurers already have if people are dissatisfied," he said.

If anything were set up he would be careful it did not create further liability for the taxpayer.