A teenager has pleaded guilty to aiming a laser at the cabins of three commercial aircraft and the police Eagle helicopter in Auckland earlier this year.

Pravikash Chandra, 18, appeared in Manukau District Court this morning to plead to four charges of endangering transport.

He will be sentenced in September.

The judge has ordered an expert analysis of the type of laser Chandra used, including its legitimate application, where it is purchased from and what instructions come with it.


The judge will also be briefed on the effectiveness of the laser, including its range and illumination power.

Chandra was charged in January after Counties Manukau Police said the planes were targeted with a laser as they were making final approaches to Auckland International Airport.

When the police helicopter was sent to investigate about 10.15pm, it too was allegedly targeted.

Police at the time said the Eagle was able to trace the source of the laser to an address on Great South Rd in Manukau.

They said crew in all four aircraft suffered temporary flash blindness.