An online campaign started by a Kiwi mum to bring back Choco-ade biscuits has led to the return of the 1980s favourite.

Two decades after production of the orange-filled, chocolate-topped treats was cancelled, New Zealand supermarkets will have them back on the shelves from today.

Nearly 15,000 people voted for the biscuit's return after Upper Hutt mother Amber Johnson started a Facebook page titled Get Griffin's To Bring Back Choco-ade.

The 35-year-old, who has worked at a supermarket, launched the page last June after her husband Karl, 37, asked her if Choco-ades were still made.


"I can't quite believe it," Mrs Johnson said. "I am so thrilled that the biscuits are back.

"I have such fond memories of eating Choco-ade bikkies with my nana when I went to stay with her as a kid. They were our little treat. Biting into them today brings back all those special memories."

Mrs Johnson has been involved in the production, flying up to Auckland to take part in a taste test at Griffin's Papakura factory.

She was keen to make sure the new biscuit is as close to the original as possible, especially as they are now manufactured by machines, not handmade as they were in the 1980s.

She will also front a TV advertisement.

Griffin's marketing director, Josette Prince, said the company discontinued the biscuits in the early 1990s to pave the way for new products.

"With so much support and passion, we couldn't help but listen and so Choco-ade biscuits are back and New Zealanders have Amber Johnson to thank for this great Kiwi comeback," she said.

The first 50 packets are being auctioned on Trade Me and the proceeds will go to Plunket, Mrs Johnson's chosen charity.