A $6 million repair job is set for one of Auckland's most popular wharves for fishing and sight-seeing.

The Victoria Wharf, next to the Devonport ferry terminal, was closed for most of last summer because of fears that parts of it were too corroded to take the weight of crowds.

This followed a fresh inspection of the 1929 structure, which was closed to vehicles four years earlier after 61 per cent of its concrete surface was found to be damaged.

The Devonport-Takapuna Local Board reckoned about $10 million would restore all of the deck, beams and some of the piles and braces.


However, Auckland Council's long-term budget provides only $6 million, which is the same as the former North Shore City council allocated in 2010.

Board chairman Chris Darby said the budget would not mean "half a job" on fixing the wharf and stopping its collapse.

Engineers were reviewing how to rehabilitate the whole of the wharf's deck and extend its life.