On my journey to work I drive along Favona Rd in Mangere. After extensive roadworks the machines and cones have gone and some basic road markings have been painted, but a large section of the road is close to 10cm below the level of the rest of the road, and I can only drive it at 40km/h (in a 60km/h area) as the surface is so poor and uneven. Is any further work to be done on this? Wendy Goldsmith, Mangere.

Favona Rd was recently upgraded as part of the rehabilitation programme. It is normal to have a three-week stand-down before the final surfacing is done. The works have been finished now.

The new pedestrian overbridge at Westhaven, the extension of Jacob's Ladder, seems to be taking a long time to complete. Is there an opening date for this? Maureen Sinton, Freemans Bay.

There was, and then there wasn't.


The bridge across the motorway was to have opened last September but hairline cracks have appeared on 10 of 206 acrylic panels fixed to the $7.9 million structure.

The Herald reported in May that the Transport Agency was considering whether to attach temporary screens to the structure, so it could be used before a permanent solution was found.

The agency says tests have satisfied it that the 10 lanes of traffic passing underneath are in no danger from faulty panels.

But it can't say when the bridge can be completed because the cause of the cracks has not been found and it does not know how that may affect the structure in the long term.

The panels were made in the United States and patterned acrylic film, which would give the bridge a distinctive Maori fishing net appearance, was made in Europe.

The problem seems to be how well these two elements adhere together.

At the intersection of Great North Rd, Tuarangi Rd and Bullock Track is it legal to travel straight from Tuarangi to Bullock and vice versa, and if a car is turning right out of Bullock and left out of Tuarangi on to Great North Rd, who has right of way? Hannah Jackson, Western Springs.

Yes, you may travel across Great North Rd from Tuarangi Rd to the Bullock Track, and vice versa, provided Great North Rd is clear. Bear in mind that there is a stop sign at the bottom of Bullock Track, and a give way sign for Tuarangi Rd traffic going straight ahead or turning right. These signs must be observed during any manoeuvres, for instance Bullock Track traffic must wait for turning Tuarangi Rd traffic to clear before making the crossing.

Vehicles turning right out of Bullock Track and left from Tuarangi Rd should both be able to go at the same time, as there are two lanes on this part of Great North Rd.

Left-turning traffic should always turn into the left, or closest lane, and right-turners should turn into the right-hand lane.