The woman who says she found a piece of glass in a Kit Kat chunky bar provided by a Queenstown hotel came away from a meeting with two Nestle representatives disappointed.

Lisa Cruse, an Auckland publicist, ate the bar while in Queenstown last week for the Ice Age premiere and said although the food company had repeatedly apologised, "it just feels so hollow".

"They have everything in place to do a recall but until they have that piece of glass analysed, they won't do a recall. I personally think they should [do the recall]."

Ms Cruse said she suffered a cut mouth when she bit into the bar and found it "quite traumatic that it could have happened to a child" or an elderly person.


She took a photograph of Nestle's New Zealand head of corporate services, Maurice Gunnell, with the bagged piece of glass in a bag.

Mr Gunnell confirmed he met Ms Cruse on Tuesday and said the particular batch of bars sold out in February.

The company was not planning a recall because it believed it was an "isolated incident" and there had been no other complaints, he said.

"I'd like to emphasise again there's a no-glass policy, so we are as baffled as anyone as to how it got there."