A reporter was ordered out of the court's media bench after turning up to the Scott Guy trial wearing gold sparkly pants.

Laura McQuillan's attire caused an online storm within hours of the incident yesterday, with Twitter users debating whether the "disco pants" were appropriate for a murder trial.

A registrar at Wellington's High Court approached the 25-year-old, who works for NZ Newswire, at the media bench and asked her to leave the bench before the lunch break.

Miss McQuillan defended her choice of clothing on Twitter, saying: "I'm sitting under a table! No one even sees my legs!"


She added: "I don't know why people are acting like they've never seen sequinned pants before."

There is no official dress code for media or spectators, but as a guideline the Ministry of Justice website suggests women should wear a dress or a blouse and skirt, or a blouse and long pants. Jeans are also acceptable.

One Twitter user asked if the journalist was "the new Christine Rankin". The former WINZ boss was known for her big earrings and short skirts.

But Miss McQuillan received some support, including from media personality Kerre Woodham, who said: "I got kicked out of court and an official warning when I wore a white sundress and got caught in the rain."

- Staff reporter