Officials cracking down on alcohol-related problems in central Auckland have asked licensees to support the voluntary introduction of one-way doors for bars, clubs and pubs after 3am.

Mayor Len Brown is championing moves to clean up streets following high-profile media coverage of badly-behaved drunken youngsters, and his taskforce met for the second time today.

They heard that Auckland Council staff are working with the private owners of car parks and other premises identified as popular hot spots for 'pre-loading' - where people drink heavily to avoid paying bar and pub prices for alcohol. Landowners have agreed to implement private liquor bans and let police trespass anyone drinking in these such spots. Lighting will also be improved.

Auckland Council liquor licensing staff have also begun to limit the sales of single serve drinks from off-license premises. They are working with operators to cease all single drink sales within an agreed timeframe.


Crowd and queue control initiatives have been agreed between Auckland Council and the Hospitality Association. The use of visibility vests for bar security staff , which has proved successful on Karangahape Rd, is being looked at for other areas of the central city.

And the council is increasing the City Watch team, putting in place an extra team of security staff on the streets to monitor liquor bans.

Mr Brown said he was impressed with the commitment of his taskforce to make the city centre a place where people feel safe enjoying entertainment and hospitality, and coming and going from homes and jobs.