The owner of a charity animal shelter has accused the makers of Neighbours at War of trying to bully her into appearing on the reality TV series.

Carolyn Press McKenzie is worried the episode, due to screen on TV2 tomorrow night, will renew ill feeling with her neighbours over the killing of her pet goat, Colonel Stinky, last year.

She has even called in her lawyer to try to get an injunction to stop the broadcast.

However, TVNZ spokeswoman Megan Richards said the production team behind the show had taken "more than usual care to prepare a story that is fair and balanced".


Press McKenzie, who runs the Huha animal sanctuary in Kaitoke, Upper Hutt, spoke out after a neighbour shot her pet goat, then claimed a $100 prize for it from a hunting competition. The neighbours initially denied shooting the goat but later admitted doing it to police.

The story captured the attention of production company Greenstone TV, which contacted both neighbours.

Greenstone promotes Neighbours at War as "whether it's dogs, trees, cars, noise or misbehaviour - the people next door are still causing trouble".

After what she claims were "bullying tactics" by Greenstone, Press McKenzie agreed to be interviewed for the show.

"They said that if we didn't go on the show they would show us in a horrible light."

The following day she had a change of heart and demanded her interview be pulled. "To me it's just trash TV. I wouldn't go on their show, just as I wouldn't go on Jerry Springer."

Press McKenzie said she had made peace with her neighbours and is fearful the show will rekindle ill feeling between them.

She contacted Greenstone, asking for the episode to be cancelled. Greenstone did not return calls this week.

Richards said the programme would include footage from an interview Press McKenzie did with Close Up at the time.

"The producers have been careful to make it clear that it is old footage, not a new interview. I understand she has not seen the programme but simply wishes it not to go to air."

Press McKenzie had received an email from Greenstone asking her not to contact TVNZ and stating that the show would go ahead.

"If after such broadcast you still feel aggrieved, then you can avail yourself of the appropriate procedure."