Top stories across New Zealand at noon include renewed reports of paranormal activity in the Bay of Plenty, the demise of river monsters on the West Coast and binge drinkers can now send themselves texts with messages such as "You've had enough, GO HOME."

Horsefarmer1000 hoped like many before him that his UFO video posted on u-Tube would go viral, especially as he had tried many times before to draw people's attention to seemingly strange things in the Bay of Plenty skies.

Meanwhile a helicopter left Kaitaia with seven people on board and landed with eight.

Somebody has been removing the "river monsters" from West Coast's Lake Moeraki.


Binge drinkers can now send text messages to their inebriated selves, reminding them to keep safe while getting plastered. Do you drink to get drunk?

It's heading for a record year for Northlanders being kicked out of their homes because they can't pay the mortgage.

This is what happens when traffic lights decide to stay green for just a minute.

A contestant of an earlier series of MasterChef New Zealand gives her pick on who will win tomorrow night.

Regular cyclist David Joyce has had beer bottles thrown at him, hoons breezing by very close and people beeping their horn at him for no reason, but the car that hit him cracked his vertebra and shoulder blade, dislocated a rib and gave him a large cut down his backside.

Here's a video of a hairy cycle ride in Hawke's Bay.

This man got nine years in prison for losing his temper during a Playstation game and killing a 5 month old baby.

A Havelock North scientist believes he has developed a wonder drug for kauri "HIV."


Doubling the cost of parking in the central business district of Gisborne is being described as 'daylight robbery.' Here's lots of people having a moan about it.
This is what an Ironman is reduced to when stuck in the shower.

Wanganui has been caught up in the whooping cough epidemic.
Over in Masterton, Keith Pearse said his household is "not far off snapping" after a bad two weeks was topped off by his flatmate's car randomly bursting into flames in the driveway.

They say the earlybird catches the worm, but at Mt Hutt on Saturday it was a case of the early bird got a T-shirt.
A blessing has been held at the site near Waimate where the bodies of Czech tourist Dagmar (Dasha) Pytlickova and Waimate man Jason Frandi were found last month.

University of Otago Dental Hospital has apologised to a woman who had part of her jaw cut away after being wrongly diagnosed with cancer of the mouth.

Motorcyclists are keeping a close eye out for animal poo on the roads. Meanwhile this is what it looks like when a logging truck trailer crashes into Otago Harbour.

A teenager in Dunedin has topped this year's list of "bloody idiots", followed closely by a woman in Gisborne and another teenager in Northcote.

It's going to get damn cold down south.

Top trending items on Twitter in New Zealand at noon include #GiveDanielleALotOfHugs, #ForeverWith1D, #voyagenz, Jessica and Zayn, The Lovely Bones, Bradley, Manny Pacquiao, Tino Best, Roosters and Colin Craig.