Stories making headlines across New Zealand at noon include the nation's "newest and dirtiest non-combat sport", toys made out of possum bones and an extreme reaction to a domestic argument in a moving vehicle.

Highlights of the "week that was" as viewed from Rotorua include the nation's "newest and dirtiest non-combat sport", a "comically rotund internet gazillionaire," not to mention Colin Craig making "a successful but somewhat confusing bid to make all women hate him."

In the face of damning criticism, Hastings District Council has defended its decision to prosecute a dog owner whose labrador bit a man's thumb last year.

In Whangarei, a man has been busy stealing three cars, unlawfully taking five vehicles, setting two vehicles on fire, robbing six people of their bags and stealing a briefcase loaded with cash belonging to old soldiers.


Free meningococcal vaccinations against inflammation around the brain and blood poisoning which can cause death within 24 hours will be available again for children and teenagers around Northland next week.

The latest craze in Hamilton is toys made out of possum bones.

To escape an argument with his partner, a man has jumped out of their car while it was traveling at 70km/h down a road.

In the latest example of the perils of having modern technology in schools, yet more "low lifes" are building "confession" pages on Facebook in Hawke's Bay. In Dunedin such technology is seemingly perilous in the hands of bar owners.

Here's the A-Z of why you should not forget Mother's Day on Sunday.

A dozen large eels have been found dead floating in a Gisborne stream under mysterious circumstances. Meanwhile Ruatoria residents are refusing to pay the majority of the new rates demand.

Over in Wanganui a man who "had a very real grudge against police" took it out on their letterboxes.

Barry Saunders of the The Warratahs is sick.

Miley the black labrador had a brush with death yesterday at his family's Hornby home.

Meanwhile the Scales building in Christchurch has been captured on video being demolished.

Mt Hutt skifield in Mid Canterbury is desperate for snow. Meanwhile pet abuse is on the rise in the region.

In Dunedin, a man has been found with six pairs of underwear and three containers of chocolate sauce.

Meanwhile a surge in the number of helicopters buzzing Franz Josef Glacier township has not concerned locals.

Topics trending on Twitter at noon were #MoreThanThis, #BBAdam, Prince Charles, Pike River, Mothers Day, #prconf12, #awrf2012, #TurnToYou, #TGIF and #nowplaying.