Stories making headlines across New Zealand at noon include a shortage of 50,000 men, cats and dogs being used for target practice at Papamoa, backyard cricket possibly ending in Hawke's Bay and an online interactive tour of something that looks like a "war zone".

In New Zealand, there are almost 49,000 more women than men aged 25-49, and the Catholic Church has lots to say about this.

A Tauranga man's DNA has come back to haunt him seven years after he allegedly broke into three cars.

Meanwhile down at Papamoa Beach, after being harassed by pesky nudists and fenced in by property developers the locals now have local Maori to contend with.

Meanwhile people with air rifles are using cats and dogs for target practice, with Tigger being the latest victim.


The old Rotorua police station has been described as looking like something out of a "war zone'' and here's 360 degree interactive photos to prove it.

It's about to get a lot easier to catch trout in the Rotorua region.

Michael Hannah woke to 6cm of water and mud gushing through his sleepout.

Lots of dogs with names such as Quake, Cash and Kate are going hard at it in Northland.

The centrepiece of Whangarei's newest landmark will be made in China.

Hamilton police have called the victim of a burglary to inform him of the break in at his house and when he asked which window, the officer replied: "The one where cannabis was growing".

A new "app" made in Waikato is a bit like a walkie-talkie and rhymes with Gmail but has nothing to do with Google.

One of New Zealand's most isolated communities is pleading with the Prime Minister for help.


The days of kids being able to play backyard cricket in homes around Hastings and Napier may be coming to an end.

Relations between members of Wanganui's district health board are becoming increasingly bitter over a women's health service plan.

Kiwis are apparently very fond of things that cause acid wear.

An Otago police investigation has linked the Mongrel Mob's Notorious chapter to a charitable trust called "We Against Violence Trust" .

A Christchurch judge has labelled Queenstown "a party town for drugs". Meanwhile a curious observer could apparently describe a big tourism trade show in the city as like a good mullet - business at the front and a big old party out back.

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