Christchurch Mayoress Jo Nicholls-Parker has had her Facebook page hacked by a 13-year-old girl.

The hacker changed her name to Robyn Manning and changed the password.

But yesterday evening Ms Nicholls-Parker said she had regained access to her Facebook page and her name was changed back to Jo Nicholls-Parker.

"Yes, back, finally! It was a 13 year old school girl from Christchurch - hacked my account - not even!," she said.


Ms Nicholls-Parker yesterday told The Press she had not been able to access her page since Saturday, and until she got a new password she could not log in.

"The hacker could be doing all sorts of things on my behalf. I hate to think what they are."

She said she thought knew who the hacker was and why they were doing it, but did not want to say who it was.

"At the moment, it's with the police, and I'd rather leave it with them."