A brand of infant formula has been voluntarily pulled from shelves as a precaution since a man said his young daughter became sick after drinking it.

Lotcare infant formulas, which are 100 per cent New Zealand made, were yesterday taken off shelves at Pak 'n Save and New World stores.

Homecare Health Management, which produces Lotcare, said it was company policy to remove products from shelves if such a complaint was made.

The company had launched an investigation and expected to know the results within one to two working days.


Foodstuffs spokeswoman Antoinette Shallue told the Herald the measure was strictly precautionary. "Preliminary investigations suggest that the product is fully compliant with the Food Standards Code in regards to content and labelling."

A man who bought Lotcare Gold Grow Up Nutritional Supplement from Mt Albert Pak 'n Save emailed the store yesterday to say his young daughter became sick after drinking the formula.

No other concerns about the products have been raised with Foodstuffs, the New Zealand Food Safety Authority or Homecare Health Management.

However, the brand's range of infant formulas was removed as a precaution.

Dean Baigent, speaking for the Food Safety Authority, said it would wait for more information and evidence before deciding on any action.

"Our investigations team looks at the ... evidence to determine whether the product presents a risk to the public and warrants further investigation."