A Christchurch tramper has survived a 40m plunge from a cliff in a mountainous area of Canterbury.

The 54-year-old man was with 10 other trampers when he slipped and fell down the cliff at Lake Coleridge, west of Christchurch, about 3pm.

Garden City Helicopters pilot Simon Duncan, who did not go to the scene but was briefed by the crew that did, said the man had landed on a ledge and would undoubtedly have died if he fell any further.

" ... it's extremely rugged and some of those cliffs are very, very steep".


The crew used a winch to retrieve the man, who suffered moderate injuries to his chest, arms and legs.

He was taken to Christchurch Hospital.

Mr Duncan said the tramping party had been well prepared and had an emergency locator beacon.

This had made it relatively easy for the helicopter crew to find the injured man.