The stress Mona Dotcom was under after the arrest and imprisonment of her internet tycoon husband has been starkly revealed in court documents backing his bid for bail.

"We have never before been apart for more than a day," she wrote in support of the bid to have Kim Dotcom freed from jail.

"Although I am doing the best to cope, this is difficult without Kim being at home and his support."

It is the first time Mona Dotcom - who is due to give birth to twins this month - has been heard from since she married Kim Dotcom in 2009.


Kim Dotcom has credited the marriage as ending a phase in his life in which he courted publicity. Now, he describes himself as focused on his wife and children, aged 19 months, 3 years and 4 years.

Mona Dotcom wrote to support her husband's fight against United States efforts to keep him locked up until an extradition hearing in August on charges of copyright violation. She also revealed distress at the police raid on January 20.

"Although I was obviously pregnant and still in nightclothes, the police told me to go outside and wait on the grass which was wet."

Along with staff, Mona Dotcom was kept for an hour under armed guard.

"They would not let me move. I asked several times to go inside to see the children but was not allowed."

She said after being allowed inside, it was another "20 or 30 minutes" before she could see the children who were "all very frightened".

"The police searched the house with their guns, including where the children's rooms were. The nannies and the children are still nervous and upset after the events of that day."

The raid had led to the authorities seizing the couple's finances and property around the world, which added massive uncertainty to Mona Dotcom's life as she prepared to give birth to twins.


Court records show Mona Dotcom's credit cards - issued through Megaupload accounts - were among those seized as part of US Department of Justice legal moves against the filesharing company.

"I do not have any money of my own or access to any other resources. There is no money to pay the nannies and they will be leaving," she wrote. "It is very difficult looking after three children under the age of four years and being pregnant with twins."

Mona Dotcom said her husband loved his children "and I know he misses them".

She said he was not the man portrayed in the media. "He is very much a family man at home. He would always put me and the children first."


The battle of the millionaires is not over - property developer David Blackmore is still considering legal action over the loss of his exotic cars and number plates.


Blackmore is disputing the way Kim Dotcom called in a $1.25 million loan which led to his losing his cars and numberplates.

But Blackmore says he never received default notice. He says he paid back $250,000 of the loan.

Then, months later, a "fleet of tow trucks" arrived "without word of warning" at his parking garage and the cars were taken.

Blackmore said he was then thwarted at auction when he tried to buy back the numberplates. The claim is rejected by Trade Me. Auction site spokesman Paul Ford said they picked up "shenanigans" involving Blackmore's account and he was barred from bidding on the plates. Problems included "bids from multiple accounts on several of these auctions", he said.