The parachutist who thousands of people saw crash-land into Eden Park during a Warriors' game is in hospital nursing a broken thigh bone.

Graeme Bull was one of a number of skydivers who took part in a half-time event at Sunday's league game. Video footage shows Mr Bull coming down particularly fast, his parachute turning awkwardly moments before he crash-lands into the ground.

He writhes in agonising pain, staying on the ground before medical staff tend to him. He was later taken to Auckland City Hospital for treatment.

Late on Sunday evening he told friends on his Facebook site: "... in Auckland hospital awaiting surgery for my broken femur - hard landing into Eden [Park]. Bugger."


Dozens of messages wishing him well quickly appeared on his site, with many family and friends shocked by the news.

One message, from Mal Mckee, said: "Mate, sorry to hear the news. Get well soon. Bones heal, pain is [temporary], glory is forever."

Later yesterday Mr Bull posted another message: "Thank you everyone for your kind words and support. Drugged up & a bit not with it today."

Mr Bull, of Whenuapai, is a well-known face in skydiving circles with more than 30 years' experience in parachuting.

He has represented New Zealand a number of times.

Last month he was part of a group of skydivers who won a gold medal at the New Zealand Parachuting Championships.

After the win, he told the Nor-West News newspaper: "You're in charge of your own destiny as soon as you pop out. You can't ring up and say, 'Excuse me, I need a bit of help."'