North Shore Detectives are investigating the second aggravated robbery of a local sports bar in the last five days.

The manager of Pats Garage Sports Bar was robbed at closing time last Tuesday by a lone gunman.

And last night the manager of the Champions Sports Bar in the Glenfield Mall carpark was robbed at closing time, again by a lone gunman.

During the second aggravated robbery the gunman robbed the bar while several patrons were still present, police say.


The gunman is described as being a six-foot tall male, with an athletic build, blue eyes, and disguised with a cap over a hooded green/grey sweat shirt and a face scarf.

The gun was described as a cut down hunting style shot gun with a scope.

Police say the gunman stole money from the cash register and bar safe and fled on foot down the ramp to a jeep parked near the Glenfield Library.

No one was hurt in the robbery but police fear that someone could be injured if this man is not caught soon.