Thieves are targeting ATM machines located inside eastern Waikato businesses - ripping one from the wall in a recent incident, police say.

The two break-ins have left police urging business owners to take basic security steps to avoid potential losses.

Detective Simon Everson of the Waihi CIB said thieves had broken into a supermarket in Whangamata last Thursday and a chartered club in Waihi Beach on Sunday.

"It appears the offenders have broken into the premises using a jemmy bar and then used the same bar to open the front of the machine and take out the money tray making off with sizeable sums of money in each case.


"In the case of the club at Waihi Beach the offenders actually ripped the machine right out of the wall as it was built into an alcove and they could not jemmy the door without pulling it out.''

Mr Everson said after closing their business for the night and securing the store, police were advising operators of these ATM machines to remove the cassettes and cash from the devices each night and storing it in a safe.

"Leave your ATM door open, just like you would do with your cash register and ensure your ATM is left on overnight then in the morning all you have to do before opening is reload the machine.''

Anyone with any information on the break-ins is asked to contact Mr Everson at the Waihi Police Station on 07 863 8179, or anonymously phone Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.