Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 after racking up 702 hours of game time in a matter of mon' />
Watch footage of Kim Dotcom becoming the world's No. 1 Modern Warfare player:

Kim Dotcom became the world's best player at the video game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 after racking up 702 hours of game time in a matter of months.

On New Year's Eve, Dotcom uploaded a video of his achievement to YouTube - revealing himself as the player who reached the No 1 position in kills and No 1 in leaderboards in Modern Warfare 3.

Dotcom's online avatar, MEGARACER, has clocked 150,000 kills and is top of the leaderboard of more than 15 million players. Modern Warfare 3 was launched on November 8 last year and has since become the best-selling video game of all time. For Dotcom to have reached that many hours playing he would have had to sit in front of his computer for almost 30 full days and nights or 60 12-hour days playing constantly.

In the YouTube timelapse video, he is shown sitting in a large armchair in front of his computer as the sun goes up and down and appears to play through the night. Then as he hits the top of the leaderboard, he's given a cake emblazoned with the word Megaracer in the shape of a "L", confetti blasts and friends cheer. He turns to the camera, arms lifted in elation, and says: "F**k man! Number one!"


The video emerged as other pictures of his lavish lifestyle came to light on the internet. Many of the pictures, posted on the Gizmodo website, showed him posing on private jets and yachts, some of them accompanied by young women - including one with Kylie Minogue.

And in another video of Dotcom in the 2006 Gumball 3000 car race, he admits to the camera that he has paid Moroccan police to stop another competitor.

"We have just been stopped by the Moroccan police. I gave him €100 [$160] and another €50 and I made it clear with him that he will stop the black Porsche for 10 minutes."

But his plan to botch his opponent's race falls through when he comes across the black Porsche further on ahead.

"What? How? This is him! I told them to stop him for 10 minutes."