A policewoman has head wounds and clumps of hair missing after being assaulted while attending a domestic dispute near Huntly.

Two officers - one male and one female - were set upon by four people soon after arriving at an alcohol-fuelled dispute at a Glen Afton property at about 1:30am this morning.

Police said the female officer was hit in the head and had clumps of her hair pulled out by a woman at the house.

A man also attacked the officers, police said.


"The matter, which appears to have been alcohol related, was only resolved when both attackers were pepper sprayed and the male offender painted with a taser."

A brother and sister were arrested after the incident.

They will appear in the Hamilton District Court today charged with assaulting police, resisting arrest, obstruction and threatening to kill.

Western Waikato Area Commander Inspector Paul Carpenter said those who assaulted police officers would face the "full extent of the law".

"This type of assault is very concerning when you consider our staff attend these types of jobs after receiving a call for help from either a victim or relatives and for them to be attacked when they arrive is simply not acceptable."

Mr Carpenter said both the officers were recovering well from their injuries.

The assault justified equipping police with tasers and pepper spray, he said.

"Their ability to resolve the situation speaks volumes not only of the quality of the two staff involved, the value of their training and the benefit of having a wide range of tactical options to manage situations."