Arrest warrants could be issued for Occupy Auckland protesters who defy a court order to leave their Aotea Square campground.

The protestors, part of a global movement against corporate greed, have been in Aotea Square for 70 days, but have been told by a court to leave the square by 2:30pm today.

Auckland Council said if any of the occupiers refuse to leave the camp, it would return to court to seek a warrant for their arrest under contempt of court charges.

Occupy Auckland earlier told TVNZ they made the decision to move to Victoria Park following a general assembly.


The group will maintain a "people presence" at Aotea Square while moving their tents.

City leaders earlier spoke out in favour of the court's decision to evict the movement.

Auckland councillor Cameron Brewer said he supported the court's decision to grant the council's application for a permanent injunction to end the occupation of Aotea Square.

"They've had a fair go and made their point loud and clear. The public and council have been very patient.

"They tell us they're peaceful and operate within the confines of the law, so they now need to demonstrate it,'' said Mr Brewer.

He said Occupy Auckland should follow Dunedin's example by leaving peacefully.

"If they dig in their toes, they're only going to lose public support and any empathy they may have had for their cause.''