Hayley Holt may have boxed and smashed her way to victory in last week's Fight For Life, but ask her if she'd do it again and she's quick to answer: "No way."

Pointing to various parts of her body, she lists some of her pains: "I have a bit of a swollen nose, sore shoulder and a bit of a sore neck."

But showing off her arms and laughing, she proudly says: "I've got guns now."

The Crowd Goes Wild presenter easily impressed with her smooth boxing skills and deadly right hook when she took on surfer Paige Hareb on Saturday night.


The annual event exceeded expectations and raised $166,000 for the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

Speaking to the Weekend Herald, Holt said she was stoked about the turnout of support for the charity, as well as the feedback from her big fight.

However, she said she was not likely to get in the ring again any time soon.

"At the moment, when you're asking me now, no way."

Against everyone's expectations, Holt and Hareb's clash proved to be the stand-out fight at the event, totally upstaging the men - particularly the much anticipated headliner between Shane Cameron and Monty Betham.

Holt admitted she was "so scared" going into the fight that she took it all out on Taranaki's Hareb.

"That was definitely a reaction to a bit of fear,'cos surfers from Taranaki are very gnarly.

"I knew she was going to be.

"I saw her face change after I hit her in the head. I got a couple of good hits and then I saw her face change a bit - the anger."

Asked if Hareb hit hard, Holt's eyes pop out - "Yeah!"

One fight she is looking forward to watching is the clash between Richard Tutaki and All Black/boxer Sonny Bill Williams who will battle it out for the vacant New Zealand heavyweight belt in February.

Following the Fight For Life event, Williams told media this week that he thought Holt was looking "sharp".

Asked how she felt about that, she smiles and pauses for a while before giving an answer.

"That's good. I'm very glad. He's a boxer, he knows what he's talking about.

"I really hope he does do well in the boxing because he's got a lot of detractors - as people like to do in New Zealand."

This week, event promoter Dean Lonergan said he would be approaching some of the same people for next year's Fight For Life.

He acknowledged, however, that he had heard Holt had retired from boxing.

But there might still be a chance for a re-match next year.

Said Holt: "Maybe a bit like childbirth - apparently - you forget what happens a year later and you never know, I might want to get back into the ring.

"I might have had a feud with someone since then."

Asked if she would ever get in the ring with the likes of sports presenter and former Silver Fern Jenny May Coffin, she laughs: "No, no, she'd kick my arse."