Well-known builder and former MP Bob Clarkson has offered to help a Tauranga couple who have been told to fix their leaky home in two weeks or leave.

Mr Clarkson, who visited 347 leaky homes and apartments while developing the Government's initial support package, plans to visit Martin Roberts and Christine Radford, whose home has been declared dangerous by the council after an engineer found its framing was rotten.

Ms Radford, a primary school teacher, and Mr Roberts, a physiotherapist, spent years saving towards the home they helped to design in the suburb of Ohauiti.

She was told many times during its construction in 2001 that it would last a lifetime.


The couple, who are ineligible for council support because their home's permits were the work of a now defunct company, have decided to install temporary bracing, but this may not be done until next year.

Mr Roberts said the family had received other messages of support yesterday and encouraged people to join the Facebook page "Leaky Homes Justice".