Within days of being elected, New Zealand First MP Andrew Williams is a cause for controversy on Twitter.

However, the former North Shore mayor can hardly be blamed for the less than politically correct comments being posted on the social networking site under his name - he is a victim of a Twitter political parody.

A Twitter account with an @andrewilliamsMP tag launched on Sunday - one of the first tweets proclaiming "Watch out Wellington bars and nightclubs here I come! Winston's Batman has got a new Robin in me. #winstonswingman".

Mr Williams is no stranger to controversy, having been the subject of a number of adverse reports in his time as mayor. In addition to being accused of sending aggressive late-night texts to politicians, Mr Williams was reportedly photographed urinating outside his council buildings then driving home after spending an evening at a nearby bar.


A tweet today referring to deaf Green Party candidate Mojo Mathers today was a cause for more offence.

"Met new Green MP Mojo at the induction thingy. Cracked a few jokes and sage comments, but nothing! Is she deaf or something? Rude b***h."

Mr Williams is far from the first MP to fall victim to Twitter parody.

John Key leads the pack, with at least five others using his name and image to tweet. Along with the Prime Minister's official account, Twitter hosts @JohnKeyPM, @PMJohnKey, @Not-JohnKey, @John-Keys-ID, and @RealJohnKey.

@RealJohnKey describes himself as "From Christchurch state house to King of the World. Now Prime Minister of Nu Zilland".

On Sunday, following National's election win, JohnKey-PM tweeted "Guess who's back with a brand new wrap?".

Mana Leader Hone Harawira also has a number of impostors, as does outgoing Labour leader Phil Goff.

The day after Mr Harawira's election win in Te Tai Tokerau, @Hone-MP tweeted "Didn't anybody notice I had my fingers crossed? #ElectionPromises", followed up by "There's nothing to do for the next three years. #BiElection Anyone" on Monday.


Green Party members Metiria Turei, Catherine Delahunty and Kevin Hague, National's Nick Smith and Aaron Gilmore, and Labour's Clare Curran are among the other MPs who are victims of mock accounts.

Political parody tweets

"So far my cup of tea with Colin Craig remains a secret. Oh oops, must stop tweeting aloud." @PMJohnKey, November 23.

"There is a distinct shortage of MPs supporting #Movember. A big 'ol stache can surely only improve my campaigning, no?"@goffsConscience, November 18.

"I'm looking forward to @Not-JohnKeyPM ringing me tomorrow night inviting me into cabinet. #BalanceOfPower." Hone-MP, November 25