The three worst offenders in the St Bede's College racism row will not receive their honours pockets this year or will have them stripped.

Seven of the students were involved with inappropriate and racist comments on Facebook after St Bede's lost to Wesley College at the national secondary schools rugby tournament.

Rector Justin Boyle said "incredible damage'' was done and the students now had their names registered with the Human Rights Commission.

They also knew any future employer would be able to Google their names and see what they had been up to on Facebook.


He directed that they met St Bede's own Polynesian and Maori students to apologise, and also send a letter of apology to the Pukekohe school.

Honours Pockets are awarded to those who bring honour to a particular sport, community or cultural activity and achievement to a high level, and also the way or the manner in which the student has represented or served the college, the St Bede's website says.