A Rotorua couple who held a garage sale at the weekend are pleading to a buyer to come forward who accidentally bought a pair of shoes valued at $900 for $2.

The shoes, $200 Asics brand white and blue runners, had black orthotics inside worth $700.

Greg and Lyn Aston held a deceased estate garage sale in their Brook Pl garage on Saturday where someone accidently bought the shoes.

Mrs Aston said her 19-year-old son Scott had been out running as he was training for the police force when he returned during the garage sale and left his shoes on the front door.


However, as things got busy one buyer asked Mr Aston how much the shoes were and he told them to make an offer, and bought the shoes for $2, she said.

"It was so busy. There were heaps of people everywhere," she said.

The shoes weren't discovered missing until later in the evening when their son was leaving for work.

"I felt sick," she said. "We were just inundated with people buying things."

They don't blame the buyer as it was just a mistake, but desperately need the orthotics back.

Mrs Aston said her son, who is flat-footed, had worn orthotics since he was a child and without them experienced severe back pain.

"We aren't worried about the shoes and we could replace the orthotics but that could cost about $500," she said.