An Auckland barrister has snapped up a unique piece of Kiwi history - regurgitated 'pine chews' from one of New Zealand's most famous birds, Sirocco the kakapo.

Sirocco shot to international stardom in 2009 when a film crew caught the male parrot getting frisky with a zoologist and UK celebrity Stephen Fry.

The so-called 'parrot pornography' has been viewed more than 3.3 million times on YouTube.

Now, Sirocco has become an online hit again, with some of his rejected 'pine chews' being bought on auction site Trade Me for $400.


Adrienne Wing trumped her fellow bidders by paying top dollar for the parrot puke.

She said: "I met Sirocco when he came to Auckland a few years ago and it was a magical experience. He is such a beautiful bird, a real character, and a wonderful ambassador for kakapo.

"It's a pleasure to contribute to the recovery fund. It's a jolly good cause as kakapo are so precious.

"I might frame it and give it to one of my very special friends as a very special Christmas present."

Advertised as, 'Sirocco kakapo's dinner remnants', the pine chews attracted more than 10,000 views and a flurry of bidding activity.

The posting stated: 'Not to be found anywhere else on the Mainland - this is a truly unique item. Impress your friends. Perturb your mother in law.

'Made of tenderly masticated pine needle and infused with the saliva of an extremely rare native parrot - and not just any old rare native parrot but Sirocco the famous head shagging parrot!

'Sirocco the world's first spokesbird for conservation. Sirocco the social media darling and YouTube hit.


'You don't get much more special than a special species' special advocate's spittle-infused pine chews so don't miss out!'

Ms Wing will receive the bag of pine chews as well as a certificate of authentication, which will be signed by Sirocco's handler.

Sirocco is living at the Zealandia eco-attraction in Wellington and is proving to be one of their biggest stars.

Due to popular demand, Sirocco's stay at the sanctuary has been extended until November 14.

Lauren Schaer of Zealandia was behind the cheeky posting designed to raise funds for the Kakapo Recovery fund.

She was "over the moon" with the result.

Ms Schaer said: "To get $400 for the recovery fund is an awesome result.

"The auction really took off, it was amazing to see. It really captured the public's imagination, especially since it was Sirocco who is such a special character.

"The woman who won the auction is really generous. It will be interesting to hear what she has planned for her unique piece of Kiwiana."

Sirocco was filmed in 2009 when zoologist Mark Carwadine visited New Zealand with Fry to film the series Last Chance to See.

Footage of Sirocco climbing on Carwadine's head and mimicking mating has become a YouTube classic.

The two-minute video clip shows Fry laughing at the antics and saying: "You are being shagged by a rare parrot."

Only 129 kakapo remain. All except Sirocco are on islands off the New Zealand coast.