The public will be able to enter the Christchurch CBD red zone for the first time next month, the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority announced today.

The central city has been closed since the February 22 earthquake, however from November 5 bus tours will allow Cantabrians to see the remains of their city.

CERA spokesperson Linda Patterson said the tours will be held on Saturdays and Sundays until December 11.

"That's when there is not so much work being done in the CBD," she said.


The price of ticketing is yet to be decided, but will need to cover the cost of the service.

The route is also yet to be finalised, but will likely incorporate Cathedral Square and the PGC and CTV buildings, where most of the quake's victims were killed. However the route will likely change day to day as streets may be closed due to demolition work.

The cordon around the CBD in the days after the earthquake encompassed the city's "four avenues", but by June the cordoned area was halved. By late August over 11,500 people had gained access to the zone through access programmes.