Ben Boyce's mum is standing by her celebrity son, who is facing a possible jail term after his airport prank for his TV show.

The 33-year-old former Wairarapa College pupil and host of TV comedy show Wanna-Ben, appeared in Manukau District Court on Monday alongside TV colleagues Bryce Casey, 32, and Andrew Robinson, 26, on charges of breaching the Civil Aviation Act.

The trio face up to 12 months' jail or a fine of up to $10,000 after Casey allegedly tried to access a restricted area of Auckland airport on Saturday dressed in a fake pilot's uniform.

Another three men were also charged yesterday, they have name suppression.


The stunt was being recorded for the TV show.

Police launched a manhunt for the fake pilot on Saturday and Boyce and his cohorts later handed themselves in.

Boyce's mother, Jenni Berthold, speaking yesterday from the family's Wairarapa home, said she had spoken to her son in the wake of the incident and was standing by him.

"He's a family member, so we always keep in touch. As a mum, I'm always worried about my children,'' she said.

"I'm very proud of Ben and I love him dearly but sometimes things happen.''

Mrs Berthold declined to comment further but earlier said her son had developed his sense of humour during his years at Wairarapa College.

Police yesterday arrested three more people in connection with the incident. The cameraman, sound recordist and production co-ordinator received name suppression. All three are facing charges under the Civil Aviation Act.