have put together a list of the men to look for. Check it out.' />

When Sonny Bill Williams ripped off his shirt, it was clear the World Cup was shaping up as a tournament for both sexes.

So, on behalf of the NZ Herald, staff at New Zealand Woman's Weekly have put together a list of the men to look out for.

But shock... while there are three ABs, there is no room for his royal hotness Dan Carter. And men should note - the Woman's Weekly said there were too many beards on show, so that was instant disqualification.

Captain Fantastic Richie McCaw 'scraped' in because he was the player staff dreamed about the most.


They wanted to include an Argentinian - for the beautiful jerseys they wear so well - but grooming let them down. With so much to choose from, Australia's Fainga'a brothers didn't get on, nor was there room for halfback, Will Genia.

Woman's Weekly WAG and columnist Casey Green insisted that the only hot All Black was Ali Williams, but the headgear ruled him out. So, the hottest players of the Rugby World Cup 2011 are:

10. Richie McCaw, All Blacks
Scrapes on to the list ahead of his classically good-looking teammate Dan Carter through his eyebrows alone. Jack Nicholson would be proud of eyebrows like that and, with his enormous chest and eloquence after the game, the captain takes the final place. We'd like him even better with a big shiny mug in his hands.

9. Gonzalo Canale, Italy
Prone to the odd near-nude arty black and white photograph complete with strategically placed rugby ball, this Argentine-Italian ensures his body is in calendar form at all times - and we appreciate the effort. YouTube likes him too.

8. Max Evans, Scotland
Former professional golfer in Portugal whose Clutch Cargo jaw and cheekbones look extra good with a tan. Max knows how to wear hair product and, despite playing for Glasgow, he speaks with a very posh accent.

7. Ben Foden, England
Ben is an aspiring singer (see YouTube videos with girlfriend Una Healy from the Saturdays) and wouldn't look out of place in a boy-band with his tousled hair and over-confidence. Rugby has given him enough injuries to make sure he's not too pretty-boy, but still pretty enough to rank 7th on our list.

6. Kahn Fotuali'i, Samoa
Almost a Kiwi after stints with the Crusaders and Hawke's Bay, Kahn made the list as the player with the most beautiful lips and soulful eyes. Robbie Deans spotted him first - on pure aesthetics we think he should be New Zealand's top halfback choice. Far too good looking to be a courier driver.

5. Ed Fairhurst, Canada
Designer stubble. Startling blue eyes. Thick luscious hair. And a physique to rival a
Mountie's horse. The Canadian God, Ed Fairhurst, is fair indeed. Not too metrosexual, we think he looks best in action shots on the field though apparently he wears a good suit in his day job as an investment adviser.


4. Sonny Bill Williams, All Blacks
Two weeks in and only one ripped shirt on the field - but what a rip it was. Acres of
lightly tanned, well grooved muscles framed by those beefy tattooed arms. And the hands - huge hands. The Kiwi Clark Kent.

3. Richard Kahui, All Blacks
The most handsome All Black on a list that doesn't even contain Dan Carter, Richard Kahui's dimples and devastating smile make him the bloke we'd most like to take home to meet mum. He's great with kids, charmingly shy and plays pretty well too.

2. Thierry Dusautoir, France
The most handsome flanker by far (sorry Richie), Thierry boasts the kind of chest to waist ratio that makes girls swoon. Softly spoken off the field, he is ferocious on it and he's smart too - a chemical engineer - with smouldering eyes.

And at number one....

1. Mike Phillips, Wales
An absolute standout for the top of the list, this gorgeously groomed, hairy-chested Welshman, wearing one of the competition's hottest jerseys, could grace any modelling campaign. Known as the Welsh Becks after dating singer Duffy, he is the man most of the New Zealand Woman's Weekly staff would like to have sing them to sleep.

For a closer look, may we suggest the attached photo gallery.