An equal-pay petition seeking clearer visibility of workers' wages was launched today.

The petition, organised by the Green Party and the Council of Trade Unions (CTU), aims to prove that equal pay issues were still a major issue.

Green Party women's affairs spokeswoman Catherine Delahunty, who has launched a bill that would give workers better access to information concerning equal pay, said the party was delighted to be working with the CTU on the campaign.

"Signing this petition is a simple step that workers all over the country can take to both shed light on equal pay issues in their own workplace, and ensure that the shameful 13 per cent gender pay gap between men and women remains an issue of national concern."


CTU president Helen Kelly said the Government denied further legislation was needed to monitor gender discrimination because workers could already find out pay information by asking a labour inspector to investigate a complaint.

"The petition takes the ministers' advice and asks for workplaces to be investigated to see if there is equal pay, with the objective to show how difficult it is to see wage records and whether there men and women in the same workplace are being paid equally."