The Vote for Change campaign is moving to expel a member who allegedly used to be a member of a white supremacist group.

The alleged involvement of Alex Fogerty, a founding member of Vote For Change, in white supremacist groups was highlighted by Martyn "Bomber" Bradbury on the blogsite Tumeke.

Mr Bradbury said Mr Fogerty used to be the site administrator for Australian New Nation, a group pushing for White Nationalism.

He suggested it was "intellectually skanky" to allow people with such views to take an active role in a campaign to dismantle MMP "which in turn leads to less political diversity".


Vote for Change, which was launched recently to advocate a change from MMP, said yesterday it was investigating the allegations against Mr Fogerty.

"The allegations of Mr Fogerty's previous membership of a white supremacist group appear to be true and he will be asked to resign his membership immediately, or have his membership revoked if he chooses not to resign.

"Vote for Change will not be commenting on this unfortunate matter further."

Mr Fogerty's name was deleted from the Vote for Change website yesterday.

Anti-race hate site "Fight dem back" has highlighted what it called the "extreme" views of Mr Fogerty from 2005.

In emails, Mr Fogerty angrily suggested someone harm Darp Hau, a promoter of racial harmony.

"What a tosser, someone should put a few bullets into the glass to give him a scare which will also give him some time to think about cleaning up his act while he cleans up the glass," Mr Fogerty wrote.

"How much does murder go for these days? Maybe his 'accident' should be by running into two well-paid abos.


"I would like to hang him high, not swear at him.

"Where does he live in Sydney? He in the phone book? He shames our good Kiwi name (LOL)."