Christchurch Cathedral would only be demolished and rebuilt further west as part of a greater shift to the city's centre, its senior clergyman claims.

The cathedral lost its celebrated stained-glass Rose Window and more of its structure on Monday when a 5.7-magnitude quake was followed by a 6.3-magnitude shock.

It had already partially collapsed and lost its tower as a result of the February 22 quake, which claimed 181 lives.

Recent reports said the additional damage could see the 19th century church demolished and moved west.

But its dean, the Very Reverend Peter Beck, today said that shift would be done to keep the building at the heart of the city centre.

"For so many people this building is the heart of the city. The founders of Christchurch intended it that way.

"If it should be that the centre of the city shifts and moves west then our expectation would be that the cathedral moves with it."

Mr Beck conceded engineers' reports on the damage to the cathedral were bleak.

Options from salvaging parts of its original frame to demolishing and rebuilding a new cathedral that "looked to the future" were on the table, he said.

"We will rebuild and if that means moving the cathedral with that - we're looking at every option."

The plight of the cathedral had taken an emotional toll on him and many other Christchurch residents, he said.

"It's very sad. It is a distressing thing to see it go because it means so much to this part of the city. But we will rebuild it and we will rebuild this part of the our city."

Many of Christchurch's landmarks have been severely damaged or destroyed by the quakes that have rattled the city since February 22.

The time ball station at Lyttelton, which was damaged in the February quake, was completely destroyed on Monday.

The Hotel Grand Chancellor, which was scheduled for demolition, also suffered further damaged and now has a greater lean.

And Christchurch's Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament suffered substantial damage in Monday's quakes also.

Christchurch Cathedral
Rose Window destroyed. Chances of rebuilding narrow.

Time ball station, Lyttelton
Completely destroyed in Monday's quake.

Hotel Grand Chancellor
Scheduled for demolition, further damage on Monday.

Cathedral of Blessed Sacrament
Substantial damage on Monday. Inspections being carried out.

- additional reporting by Jarrod Booker