Prime Minister John Key has revealed he is not immune from his boot camp mania - first he set up boot camps for young crims, then for young unemployed people and now his personal guards have set up a personalised boot camp for him.

Mr Key made the revelation after sympathising with Limited Services Volunteers Brendan Howell and Levi Ro about the difficulties of carrying a jerry can full of water while running.

"I should know. I've done it."

He said his Diplomatic Protection Squad personnel sometimes changed his early morning runs to something more challenging - including carrying full jerry cans "if they're trying to make things difficult."

The protection squad are required to accompany him everywhere, including on his runs. Mr Key is also a regular at the Parliamentary gym.

Mr Key was visiting the LSV programme at Trentham for his first pre-Budget announcement of a $55 increase to youth employment measures, including $25 million for the LSV scheme over four years. The LSV scheme is voluntary and offered to those aged 18 to 24 who have been on the benefit for more than six months.

The increase in funding will allow 6000 more youth to do the six-week 'boot camp.' Mr Howell and Mr Ro both said they were enjoying the course, although that day's 4am start had not been the best.

Mr Ro, who arrived in New Zealand from Burma in 2007, hoped to join the Army and Mr Howell was hoping to get a mechanics apprenticeship.