The Human Rights Commission has taken disciplinary action against a staff member over comments she wrote about Ngapuhi activist David Rankin on her Facebook page.

Mr Rankin complained commission employee Marama Davidson wrote derogatory and potentially defamatory comments about him during work hours, including: "David Rankin - pokokohua! I can't wait to tell him to his face

"This translates as wanting to boil my head, which is one of the most offensive statements any Maori can make to another Maori," Mr Rankin said.

In his letter of complaint, he said the behaviour amounted to hate speech and brought the entire commission into disrepute.

Today, the commission said it had taken appropriate disciplinary action and would make no further comment.

Mr Rankin told the Herald that if the staff member had been a Pakeha the commission would not have been so lenient.

"If this was a Pakeha working at the Human Rights Commission, and they had said that about me, guess what? They wouldn't have been at work on Monday."

However, he said his complaint had achieved something unique, and he was glad Ms Davidson did not lose her job.

"In reality the Human Rights Commission has admitted wrong. This is a first; I've actually made the Human Rights Commission say that they are politically incorrect."

Mr Rankin alleges that over a six month period Ms Davidson attacked him for views which included calling the hikoi to Parliament over the latest foreshore legislation an "embarrassment" to Maori.

He said he believed he was targeted because his views were right-wing at times.

"If you stand a little bit off centre, to the right, organisations like the Human Rights Commission do come down on you like a tonne of bricks."

Mr Rankin is a leader of the Mid North hapu Matarahurahu and chairman of the Hone Heke Foundation.

He is often outspoken and his views draw the ire of some in Maoridom.