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Whether independent MP Hone Harawira's new political party will go ahead is likely to be decided at a meeting this weekend.

Mr Harawira quit the Maori Party last month before its national council ruled on a disciplinary committee recommendation to expel him.

The recommendation was the result of a complaint laid against him by his caucus colleague, Te Ururoa Flavell, over Mr Harawira's outspoken criticism of the party's relationship with the Government and accusations it was supporting anti-Maori policies.

Mr Harawira recently held a series of meetings around the country to gather support for a new party.

People at meetings had supported the proposal, but the final decision would be left to his Tai Tokerau electorate committee, Mr Harawira said.

He would attend a meeting with the committee in Whangarei on Sunday.

"I sincerely hope that the Tai Tokerau, on Sunday, says 'go ahead, let's have the new party', because if Tai Tokerau says 'no, you're just going to be the MP for Tai Tokerau', then that's that (for forming a party)," Mr Harawira told Radio New Zealand.

"Far be it for me to walk away from the people who have always supported me."

Mr Harawira has previously said the party would likely be Maori-led and Maori-focussed.