Pictures of broken buildings, rubble and crushed cars have been all too common since Christchurch's earthquake.

But Alun Davies, of Parklands in the city's northeast, is trying to change perceptions with a YouTube video.

He has created a two-minute clip which shows photos of streets in his suburb one hour after the quake, and one week later - repaired.

"We should be showing the world images of recovery, resilience and community spirit rather than those of destruction and fear," the video stated.

"If Christchurch is to weather this storm we need to show the world that we are already getting back on our feet."

Although the city's eastern suburbs have been the hardest-hit area outside the city centre, Davies said people outside Christchurch were not fully aware of the recovery efforts that had already been made.

"I was sick of seeing devastation and I wanted to alert people of the recovery. People haven't got a clue about what's been done here. The response has been mind-blowing."

Davies took the photos outside his home.

"These photos are just of one tiny area but I know the same level of effort is going on all over the eastern city."

He said his video had reached hundreds who now knew "Christchurch may be down but it is definitely not out".

Davies is making a second video and wants to hear from anyone with photos of the devastation - and the recovery.

Send them to