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Andrew James Llewellyn Bishop - "Bish" - was supposed to give his sister away at her wedding.

The 33-year-old, who was a staff member at CTV, was confirmed dead by police on March 10, 2011.

On Facebook, before police announced all hope was lost for the CTV workers, Andrew's sister Anita wrote: "Come home safe big bro, we miss you. You gota give me away on our wedding day!"

Andrew's partner, Amber Lucas, wrote on Facebook: "A special thanks to all those people working tirelessly to get to them."


A former colleague of Andrew told the Herald he loved practical jokes: "He was always good for a laugh."

His father Lindsay said he was a creative, fun-loving, adventurous and humorous man who loved the outdoors.

"He was a clever bugger. Andy touched many hearts. He was our son, a son we're immensely proud of and will hold close in our memories and our hearts forever."