Charges are likely to be laid against the young mother whose toddler died after being run over as she reversed through a Hastings carpark.

Eighteen-month-old Jabrill Eyles had been in the four-door sedan being driven by his mother Ashley.

Police are uncertain how he got out and are waiting to interview Ashley, almost three months after the November 19 incident.

A source close to the investigation said Ashley had been tested for alcohol and drugs at the time and they were not factors.

"It is still unclear how the baby got out of the car, but he was run over as his mother was reversing," the source said.

He said Ashley could face a careless driving charge which could carry hefty penalties.

"But judging from her reactions, it wasn't like she had done this with any malice."

The source believed Ashley had not come forward because she was struggling to deal with her child's death.

Police are also studying a videotape of the second half of the incident after footage was provided by Jaycars Electronics, whose premises border the carpark.

"You see the car going across the carpark," said the source. "You can see her running out of the car and picking up the kid. She was pretty upset. It is all pretty grim."

Jaycars' manager Daniel Quinns said he was too traumatised to discuss the incident.

"It's bad enough I have had to see it over and over again on the surveillance footage. I find it quite difficult to talk about."

Rob Phillips, first aid training co-ordinator at the Red Cross in Hastings, tried to revive Jabrill.

He was in his office when the door opened and someone asked for help.

"There was a man holding a child and he put the child down on the reception desk. I quickly assessed the boy and saw that he wasn't breathing and started doing CPR."