Labour leader Phil Goff has been asked the big question: has he been indulging in the dark art of Grecian 2000?

He appeared at the New Lynn community centre yesterday for his state-of- the-nation address armed with new policies and a new bloom to his hair.

Mr Goff would neither confirm nor deny if he had it coloured, simply suggesting Prime Minister John Key be asked the same question.

Mr Key was asked and denied it, saying his own locks were "100 per cent au naturel. It's falling out, but it's not changing colour".

He said he would not think less of Mr Goff if he dyed his hair.

Unfortunately, it doesn't pay to be coy when the truth is writ tall behind you.

In a reversal of the usual photoshopping chicanery, a large picture of Phil Goff with very silver wings loomed behind him while he spoke. In front of it stood the live version with just the merest hint of grey.

The new look - although not the coyness - won praise from style guru Colin Mathuru-Jeffree who said Mr Goff had nothing to be ashamed of and should simply own up to it.

"There's nothing wrong with it as long as it's not ridiculous. People who colour their hair do it for pure vanity - to look healthy and more youthful. A politician should always represent strength and power, and that always comes with looking younger."

He did have a tip for Mr Goff, offering lessons on how to "power walk".

"He does this funny walk. If this one wants to be Prime Minister, it's all about the walk. He's got the hair now, I'll teach him the walk."